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KRUM Horticulture Perlite

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KRUM Horticultural Perlite is a specially processed, unique volcanic mineral with a long and enviable record of performance as a propagating and growing medium. Each white granule is comprised of tiny closed air cells or bubbles which account for KRUM's light weight, reflectivity, adsorptive capability, and superior insulating qualities. The surface of each granule is covered with tiny cavities providing a large surface area capable of retaining water, air, and nutrients. This physical structure makes KRUM Horticultural Perlite an ideal growing medium, providing optimum air-water relationships for efficient plant growth. KRUM is available in various gradations suitable for specific horticultural applications. Krum Perlite Granules
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Horticultural Perlite's ability to maintain uniform moisture and temperature levels while providing adequate drainage makes it the ideal medium for propagation and seed cultivation. Perlite's capacity to cling to roots and root hairs reduces transplant shock. Dramatic reductions in water usage and labor costs and increased survival rates can be achieved with KRUM Horticultural Perlite.


In areas receiving bright sunlight with high radiant energy and high daytime temperatures, perlite is particularly effective as a seedcover. It also offers protection to seedlings by resisting surface moss and algae growth.


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Perlite's strong capillary attraction for water makes KRUM Horticultural Perlite an outstanding substrate for hydroponic culture. Ease of water and nutrient management, even moisture status around roots, excellent air-water balancing, and consistently high yields have time and again established horticultural perlite as the top performing growing medium.

Each particle of KRUM Horticultural Perlite has a rugged irregular surface which can adsorb water. Water retention by horticultural perlite is a function of the particle size distribution; i.e. coarser perlite particles adsorb less water than finer particles. Therefore, the amount of moisture retained can be regulated by selecting the particle size gradation that best suits the particular application.


KRUM Horticultural Perlite provides a range of air-filled porosities, physical stability, sterility, and a powerful wicking capacity. By exploiting these features and hydroponic principles, potted plants can be grown in up to 100% fine grades of horticultural perlite. Whether you are growing potted plants in commercial production or for home enjoyment, hydroponic vegetables or flowers in grow bags, KRUM is available in gradations and packaging suitable to a wide range of horticultural applications.


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Bark Peat and Perlite Mix

Horticultural Perlite is the ideal amendment for peat and bark mixes in container nursery stock. When blended with peat or bark, perlite provides a range of air-filled porosities. Sand and grit, widely used in container stock, lodge in existing pore space, thus reducing air-filled porosity and hindering drainage. In contrast, KRUM Horticultural Perlite increases air-filled porosity, thereby reducing waterlogging and increasing available oxygen. Available water can then be used more efficiently. Perlite provides a structurally stable component in peat and bark mixes which is a valuable asset when containers are exposed to winter conditions. Air-water relationships must be maintained at acceptable levels until the time of sale which may be 12-18 months later.


Perlite's light weight is an additional benefit in interiorscapes and rooftop gardens. Due to perlite's unique ability to adsorb water without becoming soggy, container plantings retain their moisture for an extended period of time.
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Turf Perlite

Stadium turf grass and golf greens are subject to compaction and ponding as a result of foot traffic and the whims of nature. KRUM Horticultural Perlite offers the solution: resistance to compaction, infiltration sufficient to drain rainfall without ponding, and greater ability to withstand drought when water is limited. KRUM can be used in the landscape for lawns, ground cover, gardens, trees, shrubs, as a mulch, and as a compost accelerator.



Krum Horticulture Perlite

  • Aerates and Drains Soil
  • Holds Moisture and Nutrients
  • Has Strong Capillary Action
  • Prevents Compaction
  • Insulates - Minimizes Temperature Fluctuation
  • A Naturally Occurring Mineral
  • Lightweight and Easy to Handle
  • Sterile, Disease, and Weed-Free
  • Neutral With a pH of 6.5-7.5
  • Available in Various Gradations
  • Permanent and Will Not Rot or Dissolve

For Ease in Application, KRUM Horticultural Perlite May be Dampened Before Use.

KRUM Horticultural Perlite is the Ideal Soil Conditioner! Soil Once Conditioned With KRUM is Conditioned Forever!


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