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Sil-Kleer Swimming Pool Filter Powder
Pool filter perlite

Sil-Kleer Logo Sil-Kleer Swimming Pool Filter Powder
Replaces Diatomaceous Filter Agent


Item: Weight 10 lbs.

SKU #: 6306

Dimensions: 16" x 7" x 26"
Shipping: ups truckShipped UPS Ground or 3 Day

US $13.40

Description: Meet the revolutionalry new SIL-KLEER filter powder for diatomite pool filters using either chlorine or biguanide sanitizing systems.

  • Sil-Kleer greatly reduces filter plugging with biguanide chemicals. No more chiseling out solid cake. Up to 4 times the cycle life! Superior cake release for shorter backwash cycle and less water loss.

  • Greater filtering capacity gives diamond like water clarity longer. Fewer filter charges!
  • Lightweight for more even distribution. No settling. Less bag breakage.
  • Non-toxic. 99.9% silica free.
  • Excellent distributor and retailer margins.

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