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Krum Horticulture Perlite Garden Soil Aerator

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Description: Krum Perlite aerates and drains soil - Holds moisture and nutrients - Strong Capillary action - Prevents compaction - Insulates - Minimizes temperature fluctuation. Once used, it is treated forever. It will aerate the soil, hold moisture for longer periods, permanent and will not rot or dissolve, non-hazardous and completely sterile.

Uses: Gardening, Flower Beds, Planting Trees, Shrubs, Vines, Starting Seeds, Lightweight Rooftop Gardening, Potting House Plants, Rooting Cuttings, Soil Mix For Planters, Bedding For Snake, Turtle, Etc. Eggs, Furnace Construction, Hypertufa Castings, Great For Hydroponics, Fish Tank Filters, Mixed With Paint For Rough Texture Walls And Ceilings, Rough Surface Keeps Slugs Out Of Gardens And Flower Beds, Lightweight Concrete, Vegetable Gardens, Great For Orchids, Use as a base for charcoal In your Grill.



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Krum Perlite
KRUM Horticultural Perlite is a specially processed, unique volcanic mineral with a long and enviable record of performance as a propagating and growing medium. Each white granule is comprised of tiny closed air cells or bubbles which account for KRUM's light weight, reflectivity, adsorptive capability, and superior insulating qualities. The surface of each granule is covered with tiny cavities providing a large surface area capable of retaining water, air, and nutrients. This physical structure makes KRUM Horticultural Perlite an ideal growing medium, providing optimum air-water relationships for efficient plant growth. KRUM is available in various gradations suitable for specific horticultural applications. >>Details