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Masonry Fill Perlite Insulation

Masonry Fill

Masonry Fill Granulated Perlite Insulation

Large 4 Cubic foot bag

SKU #: 6304

Amount needed for approximately 100 SF of standard 8" cinder block is 7 bags. Each bag fills up to 17 blocks.

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Description: Perlite loose fill masonry insulation is an inert volcanic rock expanded by a special heat process and is often treated with water repellent material. The resulting granular product is lightweight with countless tiny, sealed air cells, which account for its excellent thermal performance and fire resistance. Perlite insulation has been proven over a period of many years in the insulation of storage tanks for liquid gases at temperatures as low as -40 °F (-24 °C).


INSULATING - Reductions in heat transmission of masonry walls of 50% or more may be obtained with perlite loose fill insulation.

PERMANENT - Perlite is an inorganic, naturally occurring mineral and it is as permanent as the walls which contain it. It supports its own weight and will not settle or bridge.

- The nonflammable water repellent treatment significantly improves low water retention properties of perlite.


SOUND REDUCTION - Perlite loose-fill insulation has the ability to fill all voids, mortar lines, and ear holes thus enabling it to reduce airborne sound transmission through walls. Lightweight 8 in. (20 cm) masonry block filled with perlite achieves an STC of 51 which exceeds HUD sound transmission standards.


ECONOMICAL - Perlite loose-fill masonry insulation offers excellent thermal and fire resistant properties at an economical cost. It is lightweight and pours easily and quickly without requiring special equipment or skills



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Krum Perlite
KRUM Horticultural Perlite is a specially processed, unique volcanic mineral with a long and enviable record of performance as a propagating and growing medium. Each white granule is comprised of tiny closed air cells or bubbles which account for KRUM's light weight, reflectivity, adsorptive capability, and superior insulating qualities. The surface of each granule is covered with tiny cavities providing a large surface area capable of retaining water, air, and nutrients. This physical structure makes KRUM Horticultural Perlite an ideal growing medium, providing optimum air-water relationships for efficient plant growth. KRUM is available in various gradations suitable for specific horticultural applications. >>Details